About Us

Dash Buck founded Steady Pixel to help organizations take control of their web infrastructure. By applying high-level goals to systems, content, and training, we position our clients for long-term growth.

Our team has over 20 years of experience creating websites. While we’re located in the Seattle area, we’ve supported organizations throughout the United States and beyond.

A loptop with circuits on the monitor that grow into plant sprouts with leaves
A portrait of Dash Buck wearing a vest, tie, black-rimmed glasses, and with their short brown hair combed smooth.

Dash Buck

Consulting, Web Development, & Training

Dash has been building websites since 2014 and leading the Seattle WordPress Fundamentals meetup since 2016. They’re known for their ability to explain tech concepts in a clear and accessible way. Dash’s goal-oriented approach provides the support and clarity clients need to make good decisions for their organizations.

A portrait of Christine with a dark gray V neck top, a beaded copper necklace, shoulder length straight strawberry blond hair, and a toothy smile.

Christine Winckler

Web Design & Development

Christine has been developing websites for nonprofits and mission-focused businesses since 2007. Before freelancing full time, she earned her degree in Community, Environment, and Planning at the University of Washington and worked in web production at the nonprofit Sightline Institute. Christine prioritizes usability in her designs and long-term stability in her development work. Over the years, she’s worked on everything from tiny brochure sites to massive CMS migrations.