We’ll take a holistic approach to maximizing the benefits you receive from your web technology. That means offering a wide array of services to assist you, from discovering what technology you need, to helping you create appealing content, to training your staff.

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Web Technology Assessment

Whether you want to add new capabilities, switch service providers, or reduce manual data entry, we can find the answer. We’ll identify ways to improve and automate your processes, allowing you and your staff to focus on what’s important. We can match your organizational needs to the right technology, survey the software landscape to locate the most promising solutions, or evaluate systems you’re considering for risk factors.

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Content Strategy

To meet your goals, you’ll need the right information, presented on your website in a clear and accessible manner. We’ll help you identify the content you need, improve the content you have, and ensure visitors can find what they’re looking for. Whether you need to please four different audience groups or get your community to read your latest announcements, we can get you there. 

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Logos & Visual Branding

Are you fighting with your logo, colors, or fonts to create beautiful marketing materials or send the right message about your organization? We offer everything from full branding packages with letterheads and business cards to quick color and font selections. Whether you need a small update or you’re starting fresh, we’ll ensure your brand works for you.

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Web Design & Development

Our WordPress websites are designed to magnify your brand, convert visitors, and save your staff time and energy. We’ll bring your website to life using a combination of time-tested software and custom code. All of our websites are SEO ready, mobile friendly, and follow industry standards for security and accessibility. Need advanced features? We’re experienced with donation forms, ecommerce shops, member management, event registration, and more.

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Website Caretaking Services

Our dedication to long-term success is why many of our clients have continued to work with us for years after their initial web launch, often through multiple redesigns and revamps. We can keep your website secure and running smoothly, make ongoing improvements, and be present to answer tricky technology questions or talk through your evolving technology needs. Learn more here.

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We include training in every web design project. During training, we teach you how to update and add content to your website, how to write for the web, tips for making your content look attractive, and what to do if something goes wrong. We’ll empower you to take control of your website and make confident decisions.