Website Caretaking Services

The internet is a continually evolving medium, so to stay in good condition, websites must evolve along with it. Websites that are neglected become riddled with software errors, may host malicious code inserted by hackers, and will simply look unprofessional. To prevent these problems and ensure your website continues to fit your needs, we offer caretaking services.


If something goes wrong with your site, you’ll need a recent and reliable backup to restore it.  Our backups are sent to a secure cloud service, separate from your hosting. That way if anything happens to your hosting account, your website data is still protected.

We’ll take automatic backups of your site every 24 hours, and keep those backups for 90 days. We will also provide you with backup copies at any time. If something goes wrong with your site, we’ll restore it from backup to ensure your visitors see you at your best.


While updates may provide new features, more often they patch bugs or close security holes. That’s why updates should be installed as quickly as possible. This keeps your site safe and in good working order. If an update causes a problem instead of solving it, we’ll revert back to the previous version until the problem is resolved.

We run updates once a week.

Security Scans & Malware Removal

Hacking is inevitable, but we mitigate damage and avoid threats through regular security checks. Today’s hackers can take advantage of newly discovered security vulnerabilities on hundreds of websites within hours. While it’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk of being hacked, it can be greatly reduced and mitigated with strong security software, regular malware scans, and by responding quickly to attacks.

When you join our Website Care Service, we will do a security audit of your website and harden your site against attacks if needed. From then on, we will update your security as needed to follow industry recommendations.

We run security and malware scans every 24 hours. If we find malware on your site, we will remove it. Once the malware is removed, if your site has been blacklisted, we will send requests to major blacklist providers as many times as necessary to remove your site from their lists.

Database Cleanup

A website’s database holds all the content you enter on each page and all of your customized settings. Over time, your database will accumulate excess data such as spam comments, leftover settings from software no longer in use, and old versions of your posts and pages.  This excess information will slow down your database and website. We’ll remove unused data and make sure everything runs smoothly.

We do database cleanup once per week.

Manual Review

No matter how good an automated system is, things can still slip through the cracks. We will go to your site and check to make sure both your visitors and your staff are experiencing your website the way it’s meant to be viewed.

We do manual review once per month.


It’s your website, and you deserve to know what’s happening on it. We provide regular reports on what we’ve done to take care of your website and how it’s performing.

We send website reports once per month.

Additional Website Features

We’ve carefully chosen and purchased a group of professional-grade plugins to use in our websites to add features. Whether we built your website or not, you will receive access to these features at no additional cost. This allows us to ensure you’re using the plugins we know and trust.

We will install or upgrade our chosen plugins on your site as needed and at your request.